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Place of Devotion

The places of devotion of Rosa Mistica in Montichiari. The old hospital, the cathedral, Località Fontenelle, Pierina Gilli’s home, Pierina Gilli’s grave.


Montichiari Cathedral


duomoMontichiari cathedral is an estimable work of the Lombard eighteenth century .

Rich in history and art, dedicated to the Lady of the Assumption, it would have been the place of the presumed apparitions of  Rosa Mistica for four times in  1947, the most important on 8th December, feast of the Immaculate Conception, when the devotion of the Hour of Grace would have been asked.

The cathedral became an Abbey thanks to Pope Paolo VI, and represents one of the fundamental places for the development of the pity and faith of the town. Attracted by its beauty, by the charm of its harmonic architecture, by the several works of art and, above all, by the wooden statue of  Mary Rosa Mistica, engraved  on his  knees by the artist Perathoner from Upper Adige. The Virgin Mary descends the staircase strewn with roses, symbol of the graces She spread on the faithful.

In the heart of the historical centre, the cathedral is in an optimal position to be reached.  


Località Fontanelle



Fontanelle is a place in open country, three kilometres far from  Montichiari. Its name comes from the  little springs  which flow in this place.

Thanks to the intervention of the Diocese of Brescia and to the commitment of many lay volunteers, Fontanelle became a place of worship and Marian devotion, where the pilgrims can restore their souls and meet the God’s Grace.







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